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Exposing corruption
•    Detect and investigate corrupt conduct.
•    Identify any methods of work, practices or procedures that allow, encourage or cause the occurrence of corrupt conduct.
•    Ensure a good practice approach for all investigations.
•    Maintain an efficient and effective complaint handling service.
•    Maintain strategic alliances with other relevant agencies to optimize investigative and preventive outcomes
•    Maintain a proactive and reactive strategic intelligence capacity.
Preventing Corruption and maintaining Good Governance
•    Encourage government to address corruption risks of state-wide significance and public concern.
•    Ensure public authorities revise practices or procedures to reduce the risk of corrupt conduct occurring and promote integrity and repute of public administration.
•    Rain awareness in the community of corrupt conduct and encourage reporting of corrupt conduct.
•    Ensure good practice for all corruption prevention work.
•    Advocate for Legal Reforms
•    Raise Public Awareness 
•    Enhance Governance and Rule of Law
•    Facilitate International Cooperation
•    Promote Ethical Business Practices
•    Monitor and Evaluate Progress
•    Empower Civil Society
•    Reduce Poverty and Inequality
•    Strengthen Judicial Independence
•    Foster International Agreements
•    Provide timely, accurate and relevant report.
•    Ensure our work complies with all relevant laws and procedures.
•    Report publicly about the work of Anti- Corruption Network.
       Keep the public informed about the works of CAN through the publication of its reports and by sharing current information on its website and via its social media channels.