About Us

 Anti-Corruption Network is a non-profit registered organization actively working to stop corruption in Nepal. Established in 2080 B.S. (2023 A.D.), It is extending the anti-corruption movement in political, economic, corporate, and development sectors and socio-cultural properties.
For decades, Nepal has been severely facing corruption, bad governance, socio-economic biases, and nepotism. There are seen as challenges in maintaining the rule of law. Generally, Executive persons are breaching law and order. Policy corruption, political and financial corruption, and expenses on unproductive and luxurious sectors are enormously increasing. GDP is growing as per expectation. Foreign debt is seriously beyond our national carrying capacity. More than 4.9 million (17.4%) people are still below the absolute poverty line. (National Planning Commission Report 2019 A.D.)
More than 83% of national revenue is spent on general expenditure. Governments are losing their capacity to capital expenses. ( Annual Budget 2080/81 BS)
The dependency ratio on food grains, machinery, daily stuff, technology, and energy is increasing. Because of this all, geo-political pressure is fostered. It is a big challenge for state national security and sovereignty as well.
As the study shows, the root cause of this is corruption. Corruption has been seriously affecting the development of the nation. Corruption has affected culture and psychology as well. political and Public sectors are being more notorious. Institutional efforts are being affectless leadership has failed to ensure good governance. In this situation, whatsoever amount of capital is managed and spent, it cannot ensure development. Hence, it has been a must to stand up against corruption and injustice on the social and individual levels. Public forces need to struggle to control this crime. 
Anti-corruption Network has been established to make a corruption-free society.